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Non-Denominational Romance Covers Temple of Worship: December 15th, 2021

Dearly Beloved of the NDRCTW. I don't have enough time to stand before you long with a sermon. Instead, I just came to drop this gem in your timeline to infuse your day with a little joy.

I want you to look at this gorgeousness before you, then look to your neighbor and say, “My expectations have been met!” I wish I had just one person to help me praise today. I want you to say it one more time with a little feeling before we get on outta here. “My! Ex-pect-tations! Have! Been met!” Clap your hands if you believe your cover expectations have been met.

Y’all, come on and give these cover artists a handclap. Let’s celebrate how glorious the image of this diverse representation is. Let’s praise in anticipation of a more inclusive future for romance. Somebody, anybody, everybody ought to say Amen.

The doors of the church are open…

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