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Non-Denominational Romance Covers Temple of Worship: June 7, 2020

Beloved, once again, welcome to the Non-Denominational Romance Covers Temple of Worship (NDRCTW), where we lift up & celebrate the beautiful romance covers that are blessing us.

Behold this glorious cover for Kenya Goree-Bell's Rapper's Delight. Now, I'll admit that illustrated covers aren't usually my preference. I love to see real people on book covers. Unfortunately, because there is a dearth of Black and POC stock art, it can be almost impossible to find the perfect real-life model for book art. Illustrated covers fill the gap to get the Black & Brown folks we need on our covers. This cover right here, with its poppin' hues of purple and pink along with the beautifully drawn subjects is an absolute joy to witness.

BELOVED! Do you see how absolutely chill these characters are? Between the musical notes and the throwback to musical yesteryear with the title and the vinyl record, this cover is taking it way back to a time when the whole block would jam to the hits blasting on the radio. Also, we really need to talk about the skill of this illustrator, Whimsical Designs by CJ, llc. The understated elegance coupled with the attention to detail, makes this cover a winner. The coloring, the design, and especially the skillfully drawn facial features & expressions are simply PHENOMENAL.

Once again, I don't need to know what this book is about to buy it. I'm straight hitting this pre-order link based on nothing but how pretty this cover it.

If you love a good cover, like I love a good cover, let the congregation say Amen!

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