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Non-Denominational Romance Covers Temple of Worship: February 9, 2021

Dearly beloved, welcome once again to the Non-Denominational Romance Covers Temple of Worship, more affectionally called the NDRCTW. I’m LaQuette, and as always, we’re gonna make a joyful noise unto some gorgeous book covers to celebrate their ability to inspire our desire to consume romance novels.

Today, I’m gonna ask y’all to bear with me as I come to you from the Gospel of Dem Curves, and provide you with an exegesis on the word “Thick”. For those of you that might not be familiar with what an exegesis is, it’s when we explain and interpret a text, particularly scripture.

Thick, sometimes spelled Thicc, is when a person has what we’d call meat on their bones. As a result, the hills and valleys of our bodies are curvier, thicker than the standardized example of beauty. Now, some might feel that having a larger body type is a bad thing. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But baby, when that breast-hip-ass-thighs ratio is just right, thickness is what you get.

Adriana Herrera's One Week to Claim it All is proof that a thick frame is just as sexy and alluring as the traditional standard of beauty. Look at his hand placement! It’s possessive. And that smirk on his face is saying, “She don’t even understand how I’m about to love up on all dis thickness right’chea”.

Now y’all know, nothing makes my heart happier than seeing sexy brown folks on covers living their best lives. Let us turn to Robin Covington’s Seducing His Secret Wife to see all this sexy Native American goodness going on. That man knows what he has in his hands and he is here for it. He’s willing to risk life and limb just to get a taste. He will leave his family and break ties with his best friend just to be closer to her. And the heroine, she’s about to hurt that boy. And since I’ve read book one, I can tell you with all honesty, he ain’t even ready for what she’s bringing. Love to see it! Love to see it!

As someone who’s had to go through somewhat of an adjustment period entering my forties, this cover spoke to me. Sometimes we’re so busy looking behind us, we can’t see the glory of what’s ahead of us. But beloved, let me tell you, there is something that happens when you stand on forty’s bridge and cross on over to the other side, and Karen Booth’s Gray Hair Don’t Care, is bringing that notion front and center

This heroine knows that when you hit forty, you get to that good-good portion of your life where everything is deeper and richer because you’re grown as hell; you know what you want, and you are not afraid to demand it. There is freedom in not caring about the opinions of others, and when you finally get there, you won’t trade that evolution for the world.

Beloved, I know we’re ready to celebrate, dance a little as we marvel at these gorgeous covers. But before we do, I want you to turn to your neighbor and say, “Hold on, ‘cause we’re not done yet. There’s more, so much more waiting for us.”

Reese Ryan’s Waking Up Married is truly a glimpse into the promised land. Look at his thumb at the pulse point in the bend of her elbow. Look at how comfortable she is in his arms. Look at the promise of how hot this union is gonna be when his lips finally get to touch hers. And don’t forget to look at the splendor of her natural hair and the glorious crown of curls it makes. That woman is about to climb that man and plant her flag at the top of his mountain and scream, “It’s mine!”

Hold on a minute, I’m about to move on outta your way so you can praise for a bit. But before I do, I’ve got to show a little love to my upcoming release, Jackson. Beloved, that man’s lips are a promise that satisfaction is yours. The scowl on his face conveys how hard he’s willing to work to make sure the only name you call on is his. If you don’t believe me, say it with me now, and I defy you to tell me he didn’t touch something on the inside. Jackson!!!

Beloved, let’s give these covers a handclap. Let’s worship in anticipation of how glorious these images are and how much they celebrate a more inclusive future for romance. Somebody, anybody, everybody ought to say Amen.

The doors of the church are open…

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