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Snow in Montana (Montana #4) by RJ Scott Review & Giveaway!

Hey my people!

It's LaQuette, and I'm here with a review for the latest release by RJ Scott, Snow In Montana (Montana #4).

I won't keep you waiting. Scroll down to check out my thoughts on this latest installment to the Montana series.



This book is just all types of sweet in the best of ways. The relationship between Ryan, the gentle giant sheriff, and Jordan, the B-list actor, just hits all of my feel good spots.

For one, although Ryan doesn't see himself as a slacker, he can't see why a pretty Hollywood type like Jordan would be interested in him and his quiet life in Montana. Two, Jordan is so cute and down to earth, and he's resolute in his decision to get his man (if only for the six weeks he's on location filming a Christmas movie at Crooked Tree Ranch). Three, once Ryan knows Jordan wants him, it's on, he's not playing any kind of games.

This piece was straight and to the point where Ryan and Jordan were concerned. There wasn't a huge amount of angst, just oodles of feel-good loving going on. In fact, the only angst that's really present is between characters from two previous books, Adam (Book 2), and Jordan (Book 3) The role of these two secondary characters is minimal, but it does offer some clarity as to questions posed in both books 2 and 3.

This is a Christmas feel-good read (no, the story doesn't take place at Christmas, but the movie being filmed is a Christmas romance).

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