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Spotlight: The Red Scot by Twyla Turner

Hey everyone! Today I'm taking a moment to shout, "Happy Book Release to Twyla Turner." Please scroll down to become acquainted with, The Red Scot.

The Red Scot


Twyla Turner

Available on Amazon


Bradyn 'The Red Scot' MacTavish is an alpha beast, heavyweight champion MMA fighter with a shy streak when it comes to the ladies. Payton 'The Geek' Bailey is an awkward, Sci-fi loving computer nerd with a fear of giant men. She will be the greatest fight of his life...

The Red Scot is the charming standalone novel and Book 1 of the Curvy Girls Club Series. A series about four inseparable best friends and their individual journeys to each find their Happily Ever After.

BONUS SIDE STORY: The Mia Chronicles gives a peek into the naughty life of Mia Ayala, the bad girl of The Curvy Girls Club. This part of her journey takes place alongside Payton's in The Red Scot. So take a ride on the wild side with a woman that takes her pleasure from whoever, whenever, and wherever she wants it and doesn't apologize for it.


She took a deep breath, got up from the bed, and walked into his room. She heard the shower running and pictured him naked. Payton quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts when she started to hyperventilate. She paced back and forth in front of his bed, wringing her hands nervously.

She was so lost in thought that she almost didn’t hear the shower shut off. She turned at the last minute and watched as the door to the en suite bathroom opened. It was like a scene from a movie. Everything was in slow motion. The door opened. Steam billowed out into the bedroom. The sexy male lead, wrapped in nothing but a towel and a smile walks out through the mist surrounding him.

Droplets of water clings to his skin as they run down the rises and valleys of his muscular body.

Her mouth flapped open and closed. Her eyelids blinked slowly. Her brain short-circuited. The words Payton had practiced saying, stuck in her throat.

Sweet Thor, god of thunder!

“Is everything alright, lass?” Bradyn asked, holding the towel to his hips.

Payton opened her mouth again to try to speak, but her eyes journeyed down to the towel and what it protected from her curious eyes. What she found, lodged the words in her throat once more. The towel jutted outward in a clear indication that he was aroused. What she couldn’t get over was how far it tented out.

Payton swallowed and tried again. “I-I…uh…I…want…I-I need…” She cleared her throat, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath before blurting out what she needed to say. “I want to have sex!”

Nice, Payton. That was neither sexy nor romantic. What she’d planned on saying was, “I want to make love to you. I’m ready.”

Several frustratingly silent seconds passed by. Unable to stand it a moment longer, Payton cracked open one eye to look at Bradyn. Her breath caught as she literally saw his eyes smolder with need.

She wasn’t even sure how he could possibly be so attracted to her or so turned on. It wasn’t like she was dressed in some sexy negligee or something. She was in her black circle skirt with suspenders, gray vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt and her Vans. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with her bangs out and her oversized glasses were slipping down her nose as usual. Absolutely nothing to inspire sonnets or an erection.

“Are ye sure?”


“Why now?” Bradyn asked curiously, his body coiled tightly as if at any second he would spring forward.

“B-Because I’m tired of waiting. I’m m-more attracted to you than I have ever been to a man before. Because I’m tired of being afraid.” Her throat began to clog with tears and her next words broke as she said them. “B-Because I’ve n-never been cherished.”

Payton could barely get out the last word before Bradyn was on her...

Author Bio:

Twyla Turner (1978- ) was born in Joliet, Illinois and was almost immediately enamored with all things entertainment and yearned for something "more". She wrote her first story in the 3rd grade and fell in love with creating a whole world from her mind. But it was a long winding road to self-publishing her first novel Star-Struck. An interest in science and animals, to wanting to be the next Oprah, majoring in radio/television with a minor in creative writing, to a year in Japan, four years in California and then to Arizona where a trip to spiritual Sedona awakened something in her and the need to write finally hit her like a brick wall. And once she started, the ideas flooded her brain like she never dreamed possible.

Her love of romance and travel, as well as her struggle with body image and the male species combined into wanting to write romance for 'real' women. She has 11 books to date and one novella and her dark romance trilogy The Damaged Souls Series was a 2015 Amazon Bestseller. She has become known as a champion for the underdog and she's only just getting started.

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