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Review: Invicta Retribution

Hey everyone!!

It's you're girl, LaQuette coming to you with a tasty treat. Piper Kay, an author known for putting the sexy and the crazy in all of her books, has a new release. Check it out.


Toryn Paine just found the man of his dreams in Mickey Thornton. He’s gentle and sweet, seductive and mysterious. Also just as mentally wrecked as he is. Besides the fact that he wears that body of his like a freaking Baltic God, he’s Toryn’s idea of perfection poured into skin and painted in ink. However just as things start getting good with Mickey, an unwanted blast from the past shows up and everything Toryn has ever wanted seems to be just out of reach. He goes on the run to Kaiden and Holt’s lakefront cabin in the hopes of once again hiding from the man who nearly ruined him. But what fun is a secluded lake without someone to share it with? And will he ever be able to leave his past behind and start fresh with the most delicious man he’s ever seen?


Invicta Retribution is hot! Toryn and Mickey burn up the pages. Both survivors of unthinkable pain, these two bond in a way that most can't understand. Without giving away too much, Piper Kay has placed everything inside this little number that I like in a read: Intrigue, humor, dancing, emotion, and all the sexy you could want in an erotic romance novel. So glad the Queen is back.

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Author Bio:

Piper Kay is a homegrown country girl straight from the outskirts of Houston, Texas, USA. She is currently employed with Hot Ink Press and Encompass Ink, and only recently became a genre jumper, with her first YA/NA M/M story for Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing. Whether YA, Erotic Romance, Western, or Drama, she always remains solely dedicated to stories in the M/M and gay romance genres. Piper is a #1 International Best Selling author of LGBT Erotica, and an International Bestselling author of LGBT Erotic romance, gay romance, LGBT drama, gay western and LGBT Childrens YA. Piper brings her passion of storytelling straight to the pages, almost always serving it with a super-sized sprinkle of sexy, a slice of sarcasm and a carafe of crazy.

Contact Info:

Blog/Web site, Facebook profile, Facebook Author Page, Twitter, and Authorgraph.

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