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Review: The First Legacy: Kyle, by RJ Scott

Hey my people,

Today I'm welcoming RJ Scott to my blog. She's bringing a wonderful new story, The First Legacy: Kyle, with her. Now, Ms. Scott tricked me (but in a totally good way). I read this book knowing it would be a spin-off of the Heart of Texas books (one of my favorite series). I figured this book would be very similar. I was completely wrong. I won't give you spoilers, but just know, this is a beautiful, sweet, and touching story and you will not be sorry if you get your hands on it.

Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I have to say that I'm not much of a YA/NA fan, and that's what this felt like to me. However, even though it was a surprise at the switch in genre from this author, this book exudes all of Ms. Scott's usual storytelling skill. Kyle and Jason's individual and collective emotional journeys pull at your heart. It's such a relief to see these two deserving people get their happily-ever-after in the end.

Now, stay tuned for a sneak peak below.


He went back to his guests, and Jason sat for a few moments before feeling the urge to track down Kyle, just to ask him what was wrong and why was he hiding.

He almost reached the corner when he heard the shouting, and it sounded like Kyle’s voice. Jason stopped in his tracks. He avoided confrontation, slipped quietly to one side, and never met an argument head-on. That was the way he stayed safe.

But that was Kyle around that corner. Complicated, maddening, supporting, horse-loving Kyle.

Inhaling deeply, Jason stepped around the corner and saw a few things at once. Riley stood between him and Kyle, his back to Jason; Kyle was flat against the wall, and just next to Riley was another man, who Jason didn’t recognize.

I don’t want to talk!” Kyle shouted the same words Jason had heard a few moments before.

“I’m sorry,” the stranger said. “I never meant to….”

He backed away, his hands out at his sides, but Riley pressed closer. Jason could hear him from where he stood. “It’s okay, Kyle. Listen to me.”

Kyle lashed out. His fist connected with Riley’s face, laying him flat on the ground, and the stranger tripped over his own feet, and landed on Jason.

Jason shoved him away and darted past him to stand between Kyle and Riley, his hand up as Riley rolled to stand, cradling his face with his palm.

Jason turned his back on Riley and looked at Kyle, who stared at him wide-eyed as though he wasn’t even inside, and then he buried his face in his hands and groaned. There was a bleeding split on his knuckles, and Jason didn’t know where to start, but instinct had him focusing on the us-and-them aspect of all this.

He rounded on Riley, who was blinking away the probable pain, and looked past him to Jack, who’d replaced the stranger.

“Riley?” Jack asked. “Shit, are you okay?” He reached out to touch Riley, but Riley held up a hand, and Jack stopped in his tracks.

Jason bristled. He knew how this was going to play out. Kyle would be asked to leave. Hell, if Kyle was going, then Jason was going too. No one was beating on Kyle and getting away with it.


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