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Spotlight on Bejeweled: A Beautiful Blend by Chelle Ramsey


Olivia believes she can have it all. A successful business and a loving husband. But his ex-wife is not ready to walk away, and continues to threaten any chance he and Olivia might have at happiness. When Olivia discovers she’s being stalked, secrets her mother took to the grave come creeping out. The baby Nikki and Carlos have been planning is finally on the way. One problem…the paternity is at question, and Carlos is in the dark. To protect her secrets, Nikki’s ready to sever ties to both men that hold the key to her heart. But one half of her heart won’t let go, and the other half is willing to fight until the end. The birth of her child may lead to the death of her marriage. One test has the power to determine the truth. One test will change their lives forever. Deception will bring separation, and destiny will mend two broken hearts. And in the end, everyone must work together to create a beautiful blend.

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Author Bio:

Chelle Ramsey is the author of contemporary fiction books, with a focus on women's fiction. She wants readers to find healing and inspiration through her novels, alongside entertainment. She uses everyday drama, real people, and real situations to bring a refreshing perspective into the lives of her readers. Chelle wants readers to become empowered to rise above life's adversities, with faith in God, and belief in themselves. Her stories are relatable to both women and men of diverse demographics, who have been hurt, have low self-esteem, lost hope in their dreams, or need a word of encouragement. Often riddled with points of humor, Chelle Ramsey believes laughter is healing for the soul, and ensures her readers receive that in her novels. Visit her at to connect, read excerpts, and have your emotions taken on a roller coaster ride, one page at a time.

For updates on her books, contests, giveaways and appearances, click the link to join her newsletter.

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