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Power Privilege & Pleasure: QKB4

Four more days and it will be here. A.J. Tenetti & Alan Quillen are on their way.

10/16 Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

When truth isn’t the best answer and duty must come before love. Alexis-Jeovonni “A.J.” Tenetti: attorney, CEO, master manipulator, must make what’s oftentimes the unpopular choice. She is the most prolific legal mind of her time. Her mind sees what others’ can’t, bending people and circumstances to her will.

Elliot “Alan” Quillen, vice president of Searlington Realty, is running from his past, hiding from pain. Cast aside by his heartless family, he refuses to be manipulated by anyone ever again. All he wants is peace and solitude. His goal seems within reach until a fated meeting with A.J. Tenetti leaves him angry, frustrated, and burning with desire.

When danger cloaks her like the night and she refuses to let him in; Alan has to make a choice. If he’s going to master the master he has to either follow her rules, or create his own.

She was born to conquer a nation; he was made to conquer her.

Will they continue to battle each other, or join forces against A.J.’s enemies? Will they realize that her power coupled with his privilege will equal the ultimate pleasure?

#PowerPrivilegePleasureQueensofKingsBook #InterracialRomance #EroticRomance #LaQuette #ComingSoon

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