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Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding: Book 2

Designs on a Rancher

Designs On a Rancher e-book cover preview copy.png
A cosmopolitan designer gets a taste of country life with Royal, Texas’s hottest rancher in the latest installment of Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding by LaQuette!

She’s willing to give him everything in bed

But will she risk her career for passion?

Keely Tucker knows designing a showstopping wedding dress for a movie starlet is the career-making opportunity of a lifetime. But Jacob Chatman has sent her focus into a tailspin! When a blackout leaves her stranded with a rancher she can’t resist, their passion practically sets the sheets on fire. Jacob admires her drive…but is their hookup worth Keely risking her hard-earned ambitions for a life in Texas?

“This is much nicer than a log cabin in the woods.”

“Glad it meets your approval.” The sarcasm dripping off his response grated on her nerves.


“It’s nice, but far. How do you live in such a remote area? I don’t know if being this far away from civilization will pose a problem with the dress design and production.”


“Beggars can’t be choosers.”


She turned her head slightly, narrowing her gaze as she pored over his words. Just who in the hell did he think he was talking to? She might be an indie designer on the come-up, but she didn’t take shit from anyone. Not even this fine-ass rich cowboy in his wooded palace.


He locked gazes with her, as if they were in a battle of one-upmanship. He was about to say something, something she was sure would only piss her off and escalate the problem. Even though everything in her Brooklyn soul was telling her to cuss his ass out, she couldn’t allow anything to ruin the opportunity she’d worked so hard for.


Resigned to extricating herself from the situation without ruffling any feathers, she took a breath, closed her eyes, counted to five and then opened her eyes again. Feeling more in control, she nodded and gave him as kind of a smile as she could muster.


“I know me staying here has to be a great imposition for you and I’m grateful you’d go out of your way to help me out. But the fact that you’ve growled at me more than once since I arrived tells me you’re a lot more bothered by my staying here than Ariana let on. If it’s really that much of an issue, I’ll find other accommodations.”


“I’d like to see you try.”


His wry smile kept her eyes firm on his full lips even when his smart-ass comment made her want to pop him in the mouth.


“You know what? You’re an asshole and this obviously isn’t going to work.”


He raised a sharp eyebrow as if he couldn’t believe she’d spoken to him that way. Keely was a lot of things, but a pushover wasn’t one of them. She gave as good as she got.


“Gee, don’t hold back on my account.”


“Trust me, this is me holding back. You don’t want to see the real Keely let loose.”


There was a flash of something bright and hot in his eyes that confused her. It wasn’t anger, even though she was certain she was getting on his last nerve. A fact she was proud of considering he’d stomped all over hers.


“Lady, don’t blame this all on me. You don’t seem exactly thrilled to be here either.”


He pulled off his hat, and for the first time, his jet-black wavy hair was free, adding to his sexy factor. For the record, that was just another thing about him that pissed her off. He had no right being as sexy as he was when he was this much of a pain in the ass.

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