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Bedding The Enemy



Masaki Yamaguchi has lived by one rule:  Bend the world to your will, and break those that refuse to comply.  This motto has served him well as the head of the Yakuza family in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  However, when he meets a soulful beauty with locs from Brownsville with her own set of rules, things aren’t as clear, or easy as they used to be.


Oshun Sampson has worked hard to clean up her beloved Brownsville, Brooklyn.  She's sacrificed everything, including her own happiness, for the cause.  She’ll be damned if she allows anyone the chance to destroy the progress she and her community have made.  With the looming threat of the Canarsie Yakuza family closing in, the sexy new patron with the captivating eyes is a dangerous distraction she can’t afford.  



Two powerful leaders with one distinct line drawn between them.  Will their passion be enough to hold them together?  Or, will bedding the enemy result in a bloody war that tears them and their communities apart?

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